UHV Standard Components

UHV Standard Components

TEES srl has designed and manufacture some UHV components.

These components are now a standard item in stock.

UHV precision microswitch Series MV 100

This microswitch, designed for UHV conditions, reach a precision and repeatability of 1 micron.
Option with ceramic edge is available.
L max = 26,5 mm

UHV precision linear motion feedthrough Series BLF 100

This UHV linear motion feedthrough, equipped with a coaxial miniconflat flange, is particulary usefull for every application that require a precise UHV linear motion of a devices able to collect signals from inside the vacuum chamber.

UHV Linear motion transfer Series LMT 100

These series of LMT are characterized from the chance to be installed directly on zero length flanges or gate valves.
The LMT could be available for different travel extension and motorized.

UHV Linear Transfer – Long stroke

The long stroke linear transfer is a RMP standard components.
It could be motorized or magnetic.
Motion permitted: linear and rotation.

XYZ Regulation foot for UHV Chamber

Range XYZ: 20 mm
Differential Range: 4 mm
Resolution XY: 0,030 mm
Resolution Z: 0,020 mm
Differential resolution Z: 0,005 mm