Synchrotron Tecnologies

Synchrotron Tecnologies

Goniometer Vacuum Chamber  SOLEIL
XMCD Monochromator - INDUS RRCAT

Most part of the activities of TEES has been devoted in satisfying Synchrotron Radiation facilities needs.
Major areas can be distinctly identified:

- design and realization of entire, as well as parts of, synchrotron radiation beamlines, monochromators included;

- design and realization of front ends, rings vacuum chambers and undulator supports;

- design and realization of Scanning Probe Microscopes and Telescopes.

- design and realization of experimental UHV vacuum chambers, UHV sample manipulators, UHV electron analyzers, UHV sample goniometers and generally speaking, UHV components for performing Photoemission, Scattering and Absorption experiments as well as MBE, Electron Beam, PE-CVD and Laser Ablation growing techniques.