Vacuum Thermal Treatment

Vacuum Thermal Treatment

The Vacuum Thermal Treatment Facility consists in a vacuum chamber that allows the vacuum conditions where a sample is inserted. The heating is guaranteed by internal thermal lamps or external heating cords, depending on the asked max value of temperature. The cooling system consists in some feed-through, using copper pipes, directly brazed on plates put in contact with the sample. Liquid nitrogen guarantees to reach the minimum temperature as per specifications.

The system is completed by turbomolecular pump and gauges that check the temperatures directly on the sample and on the facility and the vacuum level during all the treatment.

Technical specification:

- Vacuum Chamber: inox standard UHV with many ports
- Internal shields for heat insulation  and  double wall for water coaling
- Test zone  200 mm diam x 400 mm
- Heating by quarz IR lamps,  max total power 3000 W, PID controlled
- Cooling by liquid nitrogen shroud
- Type K thermocouples
- Vacuum pumping  by oil free turbomolecolar pump station
- Pressure measurement by  Pirani + Penning heads

Temperature test: -170°C +510°C

Pressure test: from 2x10-9 to 5x10-5 mbar depending from chamber’s temperature