Company designs and manufactures custom mechanical equipment for
Scientific Researches. collaborates with industry and R&D department designing and
manufacturing prototypes and custom applications.

TEES srl is organized in the following functional areas:
- Design
- Manufacturing:
Manufacturing and Assembly
Tests and Measurements (Inspection)
- Quality Assurance
- Administration
- Marketing and Sales/ Research and Development

In its activities TEES applied its own Design, Manufacturing, Testing and Calibrating procedures developed in the frame of its Quality Assurance scheme.
The same Quality Assurance scheme includes how to treat all contractual documents as well as TEES procurement phase, materials certifications and traceability.
Welds are performed by qualified personnel, in accordance with UNI EN 287-1:2004, through written reported prescriptions (WPS) and following what is required in the norms UNI EN ISO 15609 -1:2005 and UNI EN ISO 15614 -1:2005.  As well as, in case of request, TEES is able to follow the EN 13 445: 2002.